Saturday, April 24, 2010

Books for Pierre

Hi Everyone,

You may know that Pierre Alexis, the Director of Maison des Enfants de Dieu orphanage in Haiti is currently in the St. Louis area speaking about his ministry in Haiti. Yesterday, he told me that he has always dreamed of going to seminary but the older he gets the more he realizes that isn't likely to happen. We signed him up for the free courses offered by Covenant Seminary in St. Louis through their Covenant Worldwide program, but he still needs the books to complete the courses.

Today my Pastor was able to give him two of the books he needs to complete his first course, but there are still two more he needs. If you know Pierre, you know he LOVES books! Michael and I planned to go ahead and buy the next two books for him, but then I started thinking....what if we all chipped in and got Pierre books to complete MANY of the courses?

I called Covenant Seminary's book store and explained the situation. The man working said he thought the manager would probably give us a discount, but I would need to call back Monday morning to be sure. What I would like to do is order them and have him be able to pick them up on Monday before he leaves.

I am asking for as many people as possible to chip in $10 (or more if you want) to Pierre's book fund. You can send the money to my Paypal account ( and then tomorrow night I will tally up the total and call Monday morning to order him as many books as possible.

Pierre has an amazing heart to serve the Lord and to serve the children in Haiti, and I think this is an awesome way to bless him. Please, give what you can, and pass this on to as many people as possible. I will update via my blog and Facebook how much money we have raised.
In His Service,


P.S. If you are in the area Pierre will be speaking tomorrow at 9:00 AM at Westminster Church in Godfrey, and at 6:00 PM at Peace Church in Granite City. Feel free to attend either service.


Angie said...

What a great way to bless not only Pierre, but all those he serves as well!

Mike and Sherri said...

What is the total needed? Have many friends here in CO that just got there kids home from Maison. I don't know you, but saw your link on a freinds blog.

Natalie said...

Angie, That is a great point!

Sherri, Assuming we don't get a discount, it's $281.50 to buy the books he needs for 3 classes, so that's what I am hoping to raise. If we get more, I will just get the books for the next class as well. I think there are about 20 classes total. Thanks for your help!